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Welcome To Spiritual Souls

Shri Vinod Suvarna has made a stature for himself as a modern day 'Spiritual Guru and Motivational Leader'. His immense spiritual knowledge is based on practical facts and well supported by scientific knowings. Unlike millions, Shri Vinodji was blessed with spirituality since childhood. In quest of spirituality, he sought guidance under Guru Shri Nikhilanand at a very young age. For 9 long years, Shri Vinodji stayed at the ashram of his Guru to quench his spiritual thirst. Besides his Guru, he was also enriched with guidance from several other gurus like Nikhilanand, Adhornath, Aghori Bholagiri among few others. In sanidhya of these gurus, he achieved 7 Siddhis and could reach 7th level of meditation easily. Such is his spiritual power that he can heal merely through his thoughts. Since more than 17 years, Shri Vinodji has been touching many lives in diverse fields. People approach him with their problems ranging from finance, marriage to health and family issues. Not disappointing them, he has been providing spiritual solutions through mantra, tantra, yantra and stone remedies.His preachings are deeply engraved in the minds of his followers. His simplified way of teaching makes is easy for people to understand and connect with him easily. Kids or old, people from all ages look up to him as a 'Spiritual and Motivational Leader'.He has such a charismatic presence that one feels positive and energetic by just being around with him. In-spite of gifted spiritual power, Shri Vinodji has humble personality. He considers his spiritual gift as pious and never thought of adulterating his gifts for achieving his professional ambitions. Just the thought of making his gift as a money minting source disturbs him. As a matter of fact, he has his own well established business running exceptionally well since last 11 years.It gives him immense satisfaction to help people with the help of these spiritual gifts.Shri Vinodji has a unique technique to solve problems. He uses combination of spiritual knowledge with practical applications to address to people's issues. He does not charge a penny for spiritual consultancy.Shri Vinodji conducts personalized courses focusing at different aspects of life that has transformed their lives. His practical sessions have brought significant changes and simplified social success eventually making vast difference in many lives. Shri Vinodji has been striving ceaselessly to bring in a positive wave of change among the people for the betterment of the society.Shri Vinodji offers his consultancy to guide one and all in their lives with spiritual influence and has been bringing a positive change in many lives and society at large. .


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