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Satyamani Bloodstone Spiral Wrapped Energy Pendant

Satyamani Bloodstone Spiral Wrapped Energy Pendant is a beautiful gift or you and your loved ones. It is associated with Root and Heart Chakra and said to bring divine love of almighty. Wear it when you want to bring sense of joy and positivity in mind while removing emotional blockages and deep hurts and balances chakras. This stone is also associated with almighty thus it brings joy, love and feeling of contentment removing blockages. Bloodstone is a very important healing stone as it purifies the blood and helps removing toxins from your body, while strengthening your physical energy and courage. immense fortune and luck for speakers to face their inner emotions. Wear this pendant to hear explore your pure side. Upon wearing this pendant, one may experience serenity with the power of almighty. (Rest Details and Usage Method will be sent along with the product).


    Price : Rs. 800


    Minimum Order Quatity : 1


    Payment Terms : debitcard ,credit card$banking

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