Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


1. This privacy policy is official privacy policy of and is applicable to all personal information that is collected by on the site. In this policy, the site highlights how and why we tend to collect all relevant and accurate personal information and how we make use of it.

2. is dedicated to comply with the strict legislations of governing privacy of personal information by business and protects all your privacy when you make deals with us.

3. Some information doled out by our clients, contractors, customers and other third parties may be considered as private or personal. Without these details we won’t be able to carry on the business and services effectively.  This information is only collected when it is necessary for one of our activities.

4. Personal information collected from different people so that if you contact us we have complete record of that correspondence. It also helps us to get back to you in case any problem arises.

The personal data collected by us is a step to make you aware of who we are, we also allow you to gain access to information held about you.

5. Use of information collected and disclosure of personal information to others

We might use or disclose any personal information that is held about an individual’s primarily for the purpose which it is collected.  Such information may be collected for a purpose of maintaining records. The information is not disclosed to unwanted people. The information here is disclosed to people outside the periphery of our business in the situations set out in this policy or otherwise notified to you at the time of collection of the data.

6. Further we are allowed to use or disclose personal information held about you

• When you have given us the consent

• When we believe that the use or disclosure is must to reduce or prevent a serious, immediate problem to someone’s health or safety.

• When we suspect an unlawful action or may be engaged in or has been a part of the disclosure, it becomes important for us to investigate and report the matter to the relevant authorities.

• When such disclosure is must under authorized law 

7. Where we believe that the use of the disclosure is essential for the refrainment, investigation, punishment and prosecution of crimes or wrongdoings for conduct of proceedings afore any court or tribunal for the implementation of the order of the court or tribunal by the enforcement body.

8. Links

Our website may contain links of other websites and those of third parties that may collect personal information about you. We are not at all responsible for the private practices of other businesses or the data on the websites that are linked to our websites. We on our portal encourage users to stay aware when they leave the site and read the privacy statements of each and every linked website.

9. Our portal places a great emphasis on the security of the information that is associated with our customers and contractors. We have complete security measures that protects against loss, alteration and misuse of any personal information that is under our control.

10. Personal information is to be de-identified or to be destroyed securely when no longer required by us.

11. The retains the information you dole out to us and comprises your contact and all credit details to ensure us that you verify transactions and customer details for adequate records for legal and accounting purposes.

12. All the major information stored with our computer can only be accessed by trust worthy authorities.

13. No data ought to be transmitted over Internet and is 100 per cent secured. While we ensure to protect all personal information of yours, but anything transferred over internet or via online means of communication we don’t ensure you warranty or guarantee in that case. The receives your transmission and makes effort to ensure its security on its systems.

14. Finally users are solely responsible for keeping their passwords or any form of account information secret. You ought to be careful and responsible whenever you are online.

Access to and correction of personal information

15. We are dedicated to maintain authentic and accurate information about our customers that is timely, appropriate and relevant.

16. So as long as your request for the personal information is in accordance with the National Privacy Principles, we will provide you with the access to that information.

17. Inaccurate information will be corrected after receiving advice. To avow secrecy, all details from your personal information will be passed to you only if you are contented with that information that relates to you.


18. If you have any complaints about our private policies or the collection of safe disposal or destruction of the personal information your complaint will be first directed the first instance to us at E. mail

Contacting us

19 If you need any information further regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following address: E-mail:


21. You accept that your use of this site includes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

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