Who is a Dietitian?

Dietitians are qualified Health Professionals those earned Bachelor's degree specialising in food and nutrition and after that they also go through a practical training. They promote the well-being of population with intake of healthy nutrition and diet. So, the overall role of Best Dietitian in India is to promote the health and the prevention and recommends the treatment of illness by optimising the nutrition of populations, communities and individuals. They are responsible to provide nutrition therapy to patients according to the Health Conditions of them. They assess the Nutritional Needs of patients and develop them with the implementation of nutrition program that can positively contribute for the betterment of their health. 

Responsibilities of a Dietitian:

  • Identifies the Nutrition Problems of Patients. 
  • Responsible to develop Diet Plans.
  • Promote Health Programs to Prevent Diseases.
  • Provides dietary advice for healthy living.
  • Creates Diet Menu that meets the nutritional needs of the patient.
  • Advising Patients about special diets.
  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Supporting the work of other healthcare professionals.

Importance of a Healthy Diet Recommended by the Dietitian

The Food and Nutrition that we consume on a regular basis has great impact on our health as they act as an aide to improve or to degrade or Healthy Lifestyle. So, we should give careful consideration to the food that we are going to consume that if it is healthy for us or not. The Best Dietitians plays a vital role to recommend the healthiest diet to people which will allow them to lead a healthy lifestyle without any complications and issues. An unhealthy eating habits brings a number of health complications into our life like obesity, Nutrient Deficiency, and Chronic Illness like Heart Disease, Diabetes, and many more that will disturb your healthy lifestyle. 

How to Find the Best Dietitian?

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