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Reading the tarot cards and reading the future through them is called tarology. Tarot card reading has been used for a very long time, which connects your present life to the past. This study also tells people about their future life.
The Tarot card readers believes in the spiritual forces. They assume that the spiritual forces use these cards as an instrument to tap the subconsciousness of the person to reveal their life events.

Tarot and Tarot reading

In many parts of Europe, tarot is used to play card games. The reading of the tarot cards is considered as a hypothesis and there is no proof by the science that any kind of prediction about the feature is made by the cards, therefore, it is considered as the practice of the pseudoscience.

Clients have different needs and requirement that they want to know their probable feature. Tarot explains the general overview of the client situation in the life, the present feelings of the person and the various physical circumstances that are happening around him. A card can guide the client and explain his future related to his karma so that he can make an effort to change that in the near future.

Best top 16 tarot card readers in Delhi NCR

Recently, Tarot culture is attaining a great success in India. Many people believing in this culture and check their karma ad prediction by the cards. There are some of the best tarot readers of Delhi listed below.

Poonam Chopra

Poonam Chopra is very famous tarot card reader of Delhi NCR. She is very experienced in reading tarot for the client and also remedies thought by her are very effective. She provides the consolation to various clients of different parts of the world through internet. She is expert in Tarot card reading and believes that her consulting will show 100% result.

Param Jassal

Param jassal is renowned for her card reading work in Delhi NCR. She works from Ashok Nagar Delhi. Her aim is to provide the solution to all kind of the problems to her client. She doesn't believe in the card reading, she believes in solving the problem of the client by the spiritual energy of the card. She works from 59/1, Shop No. 1, Opp House Tax off near Metro Pillar No- 500, Ashok Nagar, and New Delhi.


Suleena is a well named and an honest tarot reader who always motivates and helps the clients. She believes that tarot reader is not to judge the clients in any condition. The tarot card reader should show their clients the reality of their present. She promises to guide a client in the right direction with the help of her spirit guide and guiding angel and make sure that problem is going to be solved. Her specialty is in guiding for a career, relationship, health and spiritual connection.

Sunanda Sharma

Sunanda Sharma is ranked world number one in the year 2016-2017 for reading tarot card. She is an amazing reader and has an outstanding psychic ability which helps her to predict accurately. Her predictions are very accurate. Her clients are never disappointed with her work. She is very gentle, calm and helpful. She believes in spreading positivity in the world. People keep consulting about their health, career, and business from her.

Tarun Chopra

Tarun Chopra is an eminent Tarot reader and Vedic Astrologer of Gurgaon. He started practicing the Jyotish and tarot card reading from his childhood. He has specialized in forefeeling, instinctive impression and has a great sense of providing solution to the clients. Learning Kriya Yoga is a life-changing incident for him. Kriya yoga makes him understand that the ultimate purpose of learning these pseudoscience activities is to reduce the burden of the society and provide them with the best solution to tackle this situation.

Dr. Himani

Dr. Himani is from a traditional Hindu family, her family taught her some ritual through which she developed an interest in practicing spiritual rituals. She learned this ritual from her grandfather and another family member. She is practicing tantra mantra from the childhood and believes that it's her destiny that introduces her to the Tarot card reading and astrology. She is working very hard to provide a solution to the clients that vanish the problem of their life.


Tanya is practicing the tarot card reading from her childhood. She took her arts to the highest level while working with the celestial gifts. She helps everyone to find the solution for their worries. Her magnetic personality and energy can be experienced in the session of consultation . Her specialty is in elite master reading that is the most accurate reading, developed by the advance dynamic, careful evaluation and deep resolve. She helps with tarot reading regarding business, reading services and Love tarot reading services.

Manisha Kaushik

Manisha Kaushik is blessed with the gift of God of strong intuition and clairvoyance from the childhood. She is the aughter of a celebrity astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma. Her father plays an important role in guiding her for the occult science. Tarot card always attracts her and before completing her studies, she starts practicing tarot card reading. Her ability to sense the strong intuition helps her to make an accurate prediction. With the help of her guru, she connects with people and helps them in achieving an answer.


Smriti is an emerging tarot card reader who started practicing tarot card during her childhood. She thinks that her purpose of the life is to help people in managing their problem. After spending more than half of her life she was not able to understand that ultimate goal of her life is to heal people from the problem. Now, she is helping her clients from Krusha which tends to be her place in Dlf phase 5 Gurgaon India (12002) for Tarot and healing services.

Shree Dambla

Shree is miracle maker for her client. Her clients consider her a catalyst of the change in their lives. Her clients believe that her presence initiates the sense of joy among them. She is Transformations coach, motivational speaker and one of the famous tarot card readers as well. She believes to free her client from the bad glimpses of the past and motivates and guides them to a better feature.

Neera Sareen

Neera screen is practicing tarot card reading from last 18 years. Her works make her famous as an Expert in Tarot card reader. She is the only tarot card reader of India who received Rishi Parashar award in tarot card reading from astrology society of India. Neera is a very accurate predictor and she is considered as one of the best tarot card reading coaches in India. She made a deck of tarot card “Discover Tarot” for the beginner. She works from three different branches in south Delhi, West Delhi and a Karmic clinic is going to be open soon in Noida.

Neeta Mehta

Neeta is renowned Tarot reader of New Delhi. She is influenced by tarot card and Reiki after a life-changing experience during a reading session. She experiences the best feeling of life when she healed her first client. Her work shows her experience and knowledge of Card reading. She is an expert in reading Tarot card, hypnotherapy, and angel card and reiki healing. Her advice and suggestions are very effective and the resulting ratio is almost hundred percent though the time varies from person to person. She works from online site tarot reader Neeta Mehta “Heals with Thought”.


Shivangi is youngest and emerging best tarot reader of Delhi. Her clients are of all age groups. Shivangi is popular for her instant understanding of the issue, and best suggestion remedies. She clears all the doubts of her clients in a sufficient time. Her Therapy makes a great effect of tranquil and positivity on them that they never experienced before.

Monika Aggarwal

She is a famous tarot card reader in New Delhi; she works from Anand Vihar Delhi. She solves every problem and predicts a valid solution for the problem. She is very understanding and loves the feeling of healing people. She is expert in tarot reading and Reiki is healing. She also teaches to read the Tarot card. The divine path center toward spirituality and the Divine store is founded by Monika in 1st floor, Madhur complex, Harpur road Anand Vihar.

Anju Saini

She is a great tarot reader and tarot teacher. She is acknowledged internationally for her work in the field of tarot. Her excellent grip on the tarot reading and counseling is because of her experience of more than 10 years. She is blessed with very strong intuition ability. With the help of this power, she is able to guide her family friends and relatives since her childhood. She goes deep into the situation of the clients and delivers them an excellent solution for positive result.


Rupa is considered as one of the highly experienced tarot card readers in New Delhi. She serves national and international clients. She is well known for her multi-talented personality. The unique psychic ability that she uses as a tarot power makes an accurate prediction. Her experience and knowledge of the different parts of human life make her best choice among others . She is a part of cultural tarot card reading trips, member of international pioneer club and participated in a number of national and international fates and festival.
So if you are interested in knowing your future and the reason behind your present life events, you now know whom you can contact. For further information about them, you can visit their official website.

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