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16 Best and Very Famous Sexologists in Delhi NCR | Natural Therapy India

In today’s scenario a lot of people are dealing with troubled relationship inside the bedroom. They are ashamed of talking openly about their sexual health problems as it is considered to be very personal matter. Due to fast lifestyle and work pressure people tend to ignore this problem. But like other health issues, problem with sexual health is also important to be solved, be it physical or mental.

In such situation, a visit to a sexologist is a must. They help to figure out the main reasons and support in fighting out the sexual problems. Here we bring to you 16 best and very famous sexual therapists available in Delhi NCR.

Dr. Rainas Clinic for Sexology and Male Infertility

The clinic is located in Greater Kailash 1. Dr. Vinod Raina, who is the head behind the initiative of this clinic, provides medical treatment to his patients with complete transparency. They do not misuse hormones and sex stimulants. The doctor performs various parameters of tests, such as history of the patients’ disease (including blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, etc.), sex counseling, misuse of sex stimulants in the past, pathological tests, and others as per the requirement.

Services- A complete diagnosis of the health problem is offered. These are erectile dysfunction treatment, low libido treatment, infertility in males, sexual desire disorders, etc.

Rachna Clinic

The Rachna Clinic situated in Rajouri Garden has been a renowned point of contact for sex problems in the city. Dr. Rachna has earned a massive reputation over the period of her medical practice. She has become one of the most trusted doctors in the city when it comes to treating sexology issues. The doctor helps to fight out problems like low sexual confidence, nervousness, feelings of low self-esteem and depression by giving most effective treatment.

Services- The clinic provides services to resolve issues such as erectile dysfunction, sexual incompatibility, emotional incompatibility, intimacy problems, premature ejaculation, movement guidance, and many others.

Dr. Rikhs Clinic for Sex, Skin and V D

Situated in Janakpuri, Dr. Rikh’s clinic has been one of the leading dermatologist centers in the city. The doctor, with his years of experience, has been able to make a recognizable name in this field. Keeping up with the latest medical inventions, the doctor has provided highest quality of treatments to his patients. Patients have seen positive results after getting treatment from Dr. Rikh and following his medication.

Services- The clinic caters services that includes treatments for acne, wrinkles, skin lightening, skin enhancement, scar removal, laser hair removal, hair growth enhancement, skin allergy, sexology service for male and female, etc.

Anurag Puri Urology Clinic

Dr. Anurag Puri is one of the acclaimed sexologists, located in Vasant Kunj. His clinic is renowned for providing specialized treatment in the field of sexology. Dr. Puri is a medical practitioner experienced in various aspects of human sexuality. He performs a thorough check up on the patients and couples, after which they are suggested effective treatments so as to fight out problems related to sexology.

Services- He offers services on issues related to sexual incompatibility, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, relationship and sex, stress and sex, intimacy issues and many others. The doctor also provides treatment for kidney transplant and urology.

The Unani Clinic

The clinic is situated in South Extension 1 and is headed by some of the renowned Ayurvedic doctors. These doctors have been practicing the Ayurvedic medical science of ancient times. Ayurvedic treatment has become the most preferred type of medical consultation among many patients in the recent past. The examination process of this treatment is conducted by checking Vatta, Pitta and Kapha levels in the patients’ body. As per this treatment the patients are healed through herbal medicines, changes in diet and yoga techniques.

Services- The doctors provide Ayurvedic services for depression, sexologist doctors for male patients, unani sexologist and depression naturopath.

Azad Clinic

Dr. Azad Singh is a well-known sexologist of the city. His clinic is situated at Nangloi, which offers specialized services in the area of sexology. The doctor has immense knowledge about human sexuality that includes sexual disorders and dysfunction, changing aspects of sexual relationships, sexual orientation and many others. He has been receiving huge positive reviews due to his most trusted medical treatments. The clinic comprises of modern chamber, which is beneficial for treatment and consultation.

Services- The clinic provides services to resolve sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, sexual incompatibility, posture, position, intimacy problems, premature ejaculation, movement guidance, and many others.

Dr. Pradeep Batra

He is a well-known Ayurvedic doctor in Subhash Nagar. He has been running his clinic since 2011 and has achieved success in treating people with sexual dysfunction. With years of deep practice on ancient medical science of Ayurveda the doctor has resolved many patients’ problems. This treatment requires checking of Vata, Pitta and Kapha levels in one’s body. The process of treatment consists of yoga techniques, herbal medication and changes in diet.

Services- Being a trained and skilled physician, Dr. Pradeep Batra provides various services like sexologist treatment for male and female, Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid, physiotherapy, and yoga classes.

Dr. Atul Thapar

Dr. Atul Thapar has established his clinic in the year 1998 in Paschim Vihar, and since then he has been a top medical professional in serving medical assistance to his patients. He has been able to gain trust of his patients due to high satisfaction level. With years of experience in his profession Dr. Thapar has been treating people with sexual disorder and ENT problems.

Services- The doctor has been providing top level services to cater to various medical requirements of his patients that include resolving sexual issues in men and women. These problems could be sexual incompatibility, intimacy problems, premature ejaculation, etc.

Samarth Ayurveda Clinic

The clinic is located in Dwarka Sector 19 and has accumulated some of the best Ayurvedic doctors, who are dedicated in treating patients with sexual problems. These doctors have been successfully running the clinic since its beginning in 2012 and have become one of the trustworthy medical assistance in the area. They practice Ayurvedic medical science of ancient times and heal their patients through herbal treatment, breathing techniques and changes in diet.

Services- The clinic provides Ayurvedic services for various niche such as sexologist doctors for female patients, ENT, joint pain solution, bronchitis, hair fall treatment, infertility and heart problem.

Shokeen Hospital

Shokeen Hospital is an X-ray and diagnostic center situated in Najafgarh. It offers complete range of diagnostic examinations to patients starting from highly advanced medical treatments to providing them personalized care. The clinic has accommodated modern equipment, and has some of the best doctors along with staff support. They have a group of experienced professionals who are dedicated and engaged in catering ultra-modern diagnostic services. The clinic has been able to successfully develop due to its quality management and world class efficiency.

Services- The clinic provides digital mammography, open MRI, biochemistry auto analyzer, immunoassay analyzer, sex and VD consultation, etc.

Dr. Shriyans Jain Burlington Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

This is one of the renowned clinics in Karol Bagh, which has medical professionals providing treatment to patients in New Delhi for dysfunctional sexual events. The doctors help their patients to come out of sexual depression in order to let them rediscover the intimacy in their relationship. The clinic is well equipped along with qualified and experienced staff members. The doctors here are dedicated towards catering ultra-modern diagnostic services for their patients in need.

Services- The clinic offers treatments for problems such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual problem in males, Ayurveda and sexology, and many others.

Dr. Monga Clinic

The clinic, located in Lajpat Nagar 4, has significantly gained the fame due to services it offers in the field of sexology. The doctors available here have pioneered in providing treatment for the past many years. They have been bringing changes in the life of hundreds of people coming from all over India, who are ailing with sex related problems.

Services- The doctors of this clinic provide high quality treatment to patients in huge range such as sexual counseling for men and women, male and female infertility, low libido, erectile dysfunction, hormone disorder, irregular menstruation, breast enlargement, and many more.

Shree Shyam Multi Speciality Clinic

This pathology lab is situated in Kapashera area. The venture of Shree Shyam Multi Speciality Clinic started in 2013, with a vision and commitment to avail wide range of medical services that consists of specialized testing for common people. The clinic is well equipped with latest and advanced technology that lives up to their commitment consistently. The doctors here are well experienced in performing different types of tests. With stringent quality control mechanism the clinic has been providing best treatment to its patients in the area.

Services- The clinic provides services like sexologist doctors, infertility doctors, kidney specialist, liver specialist, thyroid treatment, gynecologist and obstetrician doctors, etc.

Mawkish Clinic- Doctor 4 Home Visit

The clinic came into existence in the year 2016 at Janakpuri. Since then it has become a prior choice for the people living there for medical purpose. It has made an exceptional name in the area located. The doctors here have stronghold in their respective medical fields, which has drawn in patients from all over the city of New Delhi. The doctors let their patients to lead a healthier life and in order to do that, they handle various studies in their field.

Services- Some of the services provided by this clinic are sexology, dermatology, homeopathy, neurology, diabetology, endocrinology, etc.

Naveen Clinic

This clinic is headed by Dr. Sunil who is a well-known sexologist in the area of Nangloi. The clinic is one of the significant choices for offering specialized services related to sexology. The doctor is well aware of various human sexuality aspects such as dynamics of sexual relationship, sexual disorders, and many others. He has received massive positive reviews due to his most trusted medical treatments. The Naveen clinic has modern chamber, which is beneficial for treatment and consultation.

Services- Dr. Sunil provides services to resolve sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, sexual incompatibility, emotional incompatibility, premature ejaculation, movement guidance, and many others.

Dr. Thalia Clinic

Dr. Thalia is a renowned sexologist who deals with every emotional change that youths and couples of these days undergo. He has been guiding many people from providing adequate sexual knowledge and preventing them from going on wrong path to fulfill their sexual desires. He has resolved numerous complicated problems related to sexual aspects among married couples. The clinic is located in Sector-8 of Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Services- The doctor provides treatment for oligospermia, azoospermia, chronic UTI, loss of libido, premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction in diabetic patients, spermatorrhoea, erectile dysfunction, fibroid or ovarian cyst, and other sexual problems.

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