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16 Best and Very Famous Personal Fitness Trainers in Delhi NCR | Natural Therapy India

Fitness is a word which describes the mental and physical wellbeing of a person. For doing the activities throughout the day, it is very important for the person to stay healthy. Jogging, exercising, doing yoga or working out in the gym are ways through which a person can stay healthy. Having a nutritious meal and eating less of junk food also makes the person fit and healthy.

These days’ people also hire personal trainers for remaining fit and healthy.
A professional trainer works in the field of exercise and fitness. Along with exercise instructions, they boost the people by motivating them. These experts also take care of medical condition, if any, of their clients. They make sure to take some preventive measures so the medical condition does not exaggerate.
If you are in Delhi/NCR and are looking forward for the best personal trainer, here are some which you can choose from:

1. Keshav Singh:

Body toning and shaping is a major question for all people. If you want to learn workout for weight gain or reduction then training under Keshav Singh is the best option. He is a specialist when it comes to weight management, muscle toning, and strength endurance. With over 5 years experience and dietetics background, he can be counted upon, when it comes to weight gain or muscle toning. People can easily call him for trial classes as well as can join his weekend batches. Moreover people can enjoy his services by visiting his training classes located in west Delhi. The charges are also affordable as it approximately lies between the ranges Rs 7000-8000 for 12 per sessions.

2. Vinit Singh:

He is a professional expert who deals with exercise responsible for muscle toning, weight management, Cross fit workouts and strength endurance. Vinit Singh has 5 years experience and has a qualification from GGU Delhi. He is a certified fitness trainer who analyzes the needs of clients and works according to it. People can easily contact him by visiting him at Nangloi fitness center located in Delhi. He deals with the problem of weight and muscle fibers. He categorizes the activities by completely understanding the demand of people. Thus, people contact him for a strengthening of weak points whether it is physiologically or psychologically. He guides the people by including yoga and other fitness activities.

3. Manish Kumar:

True Life by Manish Kumar is known for bodybuilding or weight loss tips. He is a Master in this field.Manish Kumar is an expert in Martial Arts Training. From the age of 13 years, he is in the field of martial arts and holds a black belt. His experience from last several years is a perfect example of his working. One of his biggest achievements is that he has also worked with Delhi police and trained the professionals extensively on body strength. If you are a woman and are looking forward to get trained on self-defense technique then Manish Kumar can be the best trainer for self-defense.

4. Vaibhav Saxena:

He is mainly specialized in Cross fit workouts, functional training, TRX, kettlebell training and some other activities also. Vaibhav Saxena has an experience of 3 years in this field. He holds a Bachelor Degree in physical education from National University Gwalior. Trail classes are almost free for the clients. Thus, for a further session, people have to pay between Rs 8000-10000 per month.

5. Vikram Sharma:

He has a professional experience of almost 3 years. Vikram Sharma provides fitness programs according to the demand of people. He is self-trained fitness trainer and has served a large number of people in last 2-3 years. He is specialist in strength training thus people can easily discuss the health issues if any with him. Along with exercise his dietary tips come handy and bring in changes in their lifestyle.

6. Sumit Kumar:

He is a certified fitness trainer. Therefore he provides training to individuals and groups on endurance building and much more. Individual who want to gain or lose weight can easily rely upon him. He also deals with the patients suffering from chronic disease such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma, and osteoporosis. He is amongst the most affordable personal trainers since he charges between the ranges of Rs 4000-5000 per month.

7. Paramjeet Singh

Param Jeet Singh is a professional trainer who works alone in Stepsers. Till now he has trained numerous girls and boys to achieve their fitness goals. He works systematically according to demand of people. After gaining the professional experience of 4 years now he has purchased his own studio. Param Jeet Singh provides effective workout plans to his client. He examines the problems occurring on a day to day life of people and provides an effective result.

8. Saurabh Narang:

He is in this field of personal training for several years and has gained a remarkable experience. He is a certified professional from Gold Gym and known for his expertise in various fitness activities, such as weight management, Kettle bell training, and TRX. He believes in “there is no age to remain fi that every age group people can maintain their weight by accepting normal activities in their daily routine. Therefore, he offers some easy and simple fitness program to make people physically fit as well as healthy. People can contact him by visiting Shastri Nagar in Delhi.

9. Pradeep Bansal:

People can easily contact to Pradeep Bansal for yoga or other fitness activities. He has served a large number of people in last 5 years. And have also worked with H2 Health Hub as a fitness trainer. People can easily learn the activities necessary for weight management, muscle toning, bodybuilding and other yoga activities. He charges approximately Rs 4000-5000/ month.

10. Priyanka:

She is working in this field from last 4 years. Therefore she has achieved a large number of recommendations from last few years working. She works step by step and also offer diet chart if needed. Priyanka also offers yoga sessions to her client’s along with different methods of training such as cross body training, muscle toning and aerobics. If people want to join her trial classes then also have to pay the number of Rs 4000/ per month.

11. Ashish:

He is called a passionate pro in his field. Ashish is a personal fitness trainer who has an experience of 10 years. Thus, he is continuously serving a large number of people till now. From his childhood, he is quite an enthusiast about fitness. Therefore so as in his carrier, he tries to motivate people regarding healthy life. Instead of directly workout firstly he understands the demand of client. After that along with fitness activities he involves some nutritious diet.

12. Atul Bhardwaj:

He is specialist in muscle toning, weight management, strength endurance and other functional training. Atul Bhardwaj has overall experience of 12 years. He is an energetic person who tries to prescribe some useful tips to his clients. He focuses more on increasing natural stamina and tries to provide some healthy tips for clients. He also provides his clients with a healthy diet chart plan which would help them in staying fit. This would help them to get the desired results from workout sessions.

13. Kapil Kumar:

He has achieved his qualification from ISSA (International Sports Science Association). Kapil Kumar has an experience of 1 year in this industry. He believes in hard work and achieving goals. Thus, he always motivates his clients to do so. People can easily learn the Crossfit workouts from him.

14. Khem Singh Chauhan:

He is serving people from last 5 years as a personal fitness trainer. His certification is from Gold’s Gym in the year of 2011. He understands the weaknesses of his clients by patiently listening to them. According to his specialization he designed some easy and flexible muscle toning exercises which works as a handy option for his clients. He also keep eye on diet chat.

15. Sakshi Nautiyal:

Talk about achieving a personal goal, you can bet on Sakshi Nautiyal’s physical regime. She has been into this business of training for last 15 years and has also trained Delhi’s elite customers as well. There are VVIPs who come to Sakshi for advice Sakshi Nautiyal is working as a professional personal trainer from last 15 years. She provides some yoga and fitness program to her clients. Her main target is to spread awareness among people.

16. Rajat Fitness:

He is known to provide overall fitness program to his client. Rajat works with various trainers who are experts in their domain of physical training. Localities trust on Rajat, when it comes to Aerobics and Muscle toning training.

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