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16 Best and Very Famous Dietitians and Nutritionists in Delhi NCR | Natural Therapy India


The science that conveys the relation of the nutrients and minerals in food and other edible products is nutrition. The knowledge of nutrition helps to maintain the growth, reproduction, and health of the diseases. It deals with food intake, food absorption, metabolism, biosynthesis, and excretion of food in the body. The best intake of the nutrient depends on diet. Diet depends upon the deliciousness and availability of the food. A diet that preserves nutrient, oxidant, leaching and reduces the food illness is considered as a healthy diet.

Nowadays, people are very concerned about their health. They consider their diet an important part of being fit. People follow the diet plans that are made by the person who is expert in human nutrition and diet rule known as a dietitian. The dietitian prescribes a diet to their patient by considering their medical condition and individual need. The dietitian has a license to assess and diagnose and treat their nutritional problem.
A registered dietitian meets the entire professional and academic requirement. They have the bachelor degree in nutrition and that approved by the healthcare departments.

Why do you need a specialist in Dietary?

Dietitian will help to change the lifestyle in order to improve the health. They will not provide the easy way but definitely provide an effective way to fulfill a patient’s need. People lose weight, manage food allergies and treat their diet-related chronic diseases while they consult their concerns with the dietitian. The dietitian is an integral part of a hospital or patient care team. They make people survive when they are not able to eat without compromising on the quality of nutrients which they intake.

In case you are in Delhi/NCR, and are coping with a medical ailment, consult the following dietitian who can bring a positive change in your life:

1. Dr. Shalini Singhal

Dietician and Nutritionist Dr. Shalini Singhal is considered as one of the best nutritionists in Delhi. She is a doctorate in nutrition and has a wide experience of 20 years in the nutrition industry. She works with the health tracking software to provide the diet chart and solution to the patient. She believes in suggesting exercises which tend to be WHO certified and use the same to get faster results. She has been an expert when it comes to Weight Gain/Loss and has also practiced under VLCC for years. Her endeavors are focused towards providing the most advanced and scientifically proven diet therapy for weight & disease management.

2. Dr. Apoorva Saini

She is known for her consultation when it comes to reduction of weight and obesity issues. She is also available online aiming to help the patient in a way that they can achieve weight loss easily. Having served the likes of Fortis, Indraprastha Apollo and Max hospital for nearly 3 years proved her mettle in the vision. Her advice generally acts as a boon for patients struggling hard in order to survive because of numerous problems caused by being overweight. Her main forte is to deal with patients with Chronic Diseases such as allergies, Obesity, Amnesia and Skin problems. She is no less than an angel for patients suffering from Diabetes. Her responsibility and great knowledge of suggesting diet always help the client to gain effective result.

3. Dt. Vandana Das

Dt. Vandna das is one of the famous dietitians of Delhi. She is very passionate about making her patient achieve their respective fitness and health goals. She understands that these days’ people consider food and diet plan very important. Stress level is high among people and they don't have time to look after themselves for their food and proper diet, that’s why people consider the guidance of the dietician very necessary that they can strictly follow to avoid diseases. She works as slimming manger at repudiated slimming center in India. She also provides the health guidance to the people with the help of health program in media. She believes in the motto FOOD IS MEDICINE and IF YOU EAT GOOD YOU WILL BE GOOD. She also gives online consultancy to the patients.

4. Dt. Vidhi Chawla 

This nutritionist is very famous in Vikaspuri, West Delhi. There is a long list of a patients who achieve positive results under her consultancy for loss/ healthy weight gain, paediatric nutrition, women’s issues. The list of her clients includes housewives, professional, and kids. Vidhi worked for five years in repudiated hospital and now working from her own diet clinic "Fisico diet clinic". 

5. Dt. Poonam Duneja

Dietician Poonam also runs her own clinic (Nitrify by Dt. Poonam Duneja) and she is quite famous when it comes to dietitians in Delhi. Her proven track record speaks for herself and her clients cannot stop praising her. She is working on weight management and lifestyle disorder from last five years. She completed her nutrition degree from Sports nutrition specialist, American Council of Exercise in the year 2016. She previously worked as a Nutritionist in Ozone Gym, and Spa New Delhi. She is specialized in Weight-gain, Weight-loss, PCOD, PCOS, Sports Nutrition, and Therapeutic Diet.

6. Dt. Richa Garg

Dt. Richa Garg believes that if we improve or control our eating habits and take a proper diet we can maintain our health and also live a happy and fit life. Dt. Richa Garg has 8-year experience in the services like weight loss, weight gain, diet plan for the overweight kids, and other disease management by customizing online diet consulting and diet plan. She is running an online health consulting business in the name of Arogyam. This program gives knowledge to the patient about food so that everyone maintains well-being in their life.

7. Dt. Lata Sharma 

Dt. Lata Sharma believes in governing a healthy life and fit body if we make minutest changes in our living pattern. She works very hard to reach the top of this nutrition world and help the society in this trouble. She also has a rich work experience with healthcare companies like Amway and Abbott. She was also an active member in the project with Amway and Michigan University of lifestyle wherein her responsibility was to focus on well-being of people suffering from lifestyle diseases. Her qualification in Advanced Pediatric Nutrition from IGNOU, Delhi, Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics, Institute of Home Economics from Delhi University. Diploma in Community Nutrition from IHE, Chennai, and B.Sc in Home Science from Lady Irwin College Delhi University.

8. Dt. Divya Gandhi

After showing great academic potential, dietician Divya Gandhi is proving her mettle in the industry of dietetics supplements. The topper of 2012 batch of VLCC nutrition and health education, she is one of the famous dietitians in New Delhi. She is invited different media channels for the diet advice and debate related to the diet program. She has 4-year experience as a consultant in VLCC. She works from her Diet and Cure clinic in New Delhi. She achieved many accolades and many of them were awarded as the best upcoming nutrition dietician 2015.

9. Dt. Harshita Dilawri 

One of the topmost dieticians in south Delhi is Harshita Dilawari based out of Alaknanda, Delhi. She runs a clinic in Alaknanda named Know Your Nutrients. She poses great enthusiasm and passion to help people by guiding them to attain a good health by natural food. Her work is very famous for diet educator and metabolic balance coach. She has an experience of working internationally in Denmark that explains her knowledge about the food and nutrition in national and international level. She completed her bachelor in food and science, Delhi University. Master of therapeutic Nutrition, Delhi University and certified as Diabetic Educator from International Diabetic Federation.

10. Dt. Anshika Srivastava 

The owner of a famous diet and nutrition consulting clinic “healthy and fit” Dt, Anshika Srivastava, is currently working in forties Flt Lt Rajan Dhall Hospital. She provides wellness that deals with internal healing without any side effect and has many clients that achieve a positive result after her consultancy.
She completed her Bachelors in nutrition from BHU and work as nutrition expert from last 5 year.


11. Dt. Neera Kumar

Dt. Neera Kumar is a qualified dietician and nutrition having rich experience of 16 years. She has developed huge clientele over time by the word of mouth while she was working as a freelancer. The diet prescribed by her is very simple and can be prepared on home easily. She works from Sarita Vihar south Delhi. She is best known for her method diet and her moral of responsibilities towards the client.
She had completed her B. Sc (Home Science) from Lady Irwin College, New Delhi, Post graduation from Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition-Lady Irwin College, and has a certification in clinical nutrition from VLCC.

12. Dt. Shreya Katyal

Dt. Shreya Katyal can guide for losing weight, gaining weight and for living a healthy and happy life. She has an experience of 3 years and is interested in lifestyle modification that helps that motivate the patient toward the healthier version of life. She completed her diploma in diet and nutrition and Advanced clinical nutrition from the American college of sports and management. Her specialties are in Sports Nutrition and Health Specialties.

13.Dt. Ruchi Bhatia

A Lajpat Nagar based Dt. Ruchi Bhatia has a five-year experience in nutrition. She got her certification in nutrition from Delhi University and also has a management degree from a B-school. She is very famous for her work in AIIMS, Max hospital, and Novartis. She wants to help the society for better health. She mostly works online and guides the patient all over India. She has a number of patients with positive feedbackS. She always takes healthy participation in guiding student and patient for their healthy life.

14. Dt. Kavita Sharma 

Dt Kavita Sharma is one of the best dieticians in Delhi she runs her own clinic "NutrieCure" in Vikaspuri. She completed her dietetic, health and nutrition diploma from VLCC. She is expert in making a diet plan of nutrition for a child, asthma patient and pregnant women. From last 9 years, she is working in the health wellness industry. Now she spends most of her time in advising and consulting many clients so that they can achieve their health goal easily.

15. Dt. Anju Arora

Form the past 16 years Dt. Anju Arora is consulting in Delhi NCR, India and abroad. She works with the commitment to regain weight, without compromising on health. Dt. Anju Arora works from Nirankari Colony, Shalimar Bagh, and West Delhi. She consults thousands of patients and makes them achieve a positive result. She provides a safe and effective method for good Health. She provides Email and Phone consultation PAN India. She has a post graduation in dietetics and nutrition.

16. Dt. Sakshi Aggarwal

Sakshi is expert in weight loss consultancy and works from Naraina Vihar. Her aim is to guide the people to make their lifestyle and health good. She runs her own clinic in Naraina Vihar named as " Diet secret By dietitian Sakshi". She has a year experience in Dietician which helps her allot I motivating client and made the client able to get the best result.

These days’ dietician and Nutritionist are playing a very important role when it comes to achieving health. They are helping in developing a diet plan and nutrition advice that give you good health and also prevent diseases. This article is listing some of the best dieticians of Delhi NCR. 

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