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16 Best and Very Famous Astrologers in Delhi NCR | Natural Therapy India

Whenever you experience any difficulty in your life, you need a reliable guide to show your right direction. Who can be your best guide in this situation? The answer is “a reliable astrologer”. A trustworthy astrology service helps you to overcome miserable situations and bring back peace and happiness in your life.

The aim of astrology service is to guide people towards the correct direction of life to obtain peace and tranquility. Astrology service provides guidance in different phases of life, such as career, marriage, professional life, health, and lot more.

However, lots of fake astrology services are mushrooming day by day, who are aiming to earn money by fooling people. Therefore, it is very important to find out a reliable astrology service. But, don’t need to worry. We have collected sixteen best and very Famous astrology services in Delhi NCR. You can pick the appropriate one for you and contact them to get the direction of a happy and peaceful life.

1. Fortune Teller

If you are experiencing unnecessary troubles in your life, then Fortune Teller is a one-stop solution for you. Nestled within 3 km from Delhi Ncr, they offer Consultants of astrology, arab astrology reading and chinese zodiac reading. Biswajit Jha is the owner of this well-known astrology company.


Fortune Teller provides an array of services to their clients including Astrology, Arab Astrology Reading, Chinese Zodiac Reading, Psychology Service, Tarot Card Reading, Fortune Teller, Tarot Card Reader, and Vedic Chart Prediction.The approximate price for Astrology is Rs 500 per Person.

2. Astrology Center

Life is a saga of ups and downs but if you have a support of a reliable astrologer, then many difficulties can be easily overcome. It is situated in 5 km from Delhi Ncr. Astrology Center is a prominent service provider of vedic astrology, astrology books and astrological magazines in New Delhi, Delhi. The owner of Astrology Center is Mithilesh Pandey.


Astrology Center offers a range of services to people, such as Vedic Astrology, Astrology Books, Astrological Magazines, Horoscope Matching, Numerologists, Astrology Gemstones, and Astrology Stones.

3. Dainik Pooja

Whenever you face any difficulty in life, you need a proper guide, who will advise you the right path. Dainik Pooja (nestled in 3 km from Delhi Ncr) is a wholesaler of pooja samagri, pooja accessories package and all pooja requirements in Delhi. Jeetendra Dwivedi is the owner of Dainik Pooja.


Dainik Pooja offers various services to the clients so that they can be directed towards the right path. Their product range include Pooja accessories package, Pooja Samagri, All Pooja Needs, Astrologers, Rose Incense Sticks, Red Mauli Thread, Lord Krishna Statue, and Lord Ram Statue. You can contact them to find out the right solution for your problems.

4. Eeshawasyam Astro Search

Ups and downs are natural in everyone’s life and everyone should face it but if you have a support of a reliable astrology service, then you can handle these problems with more confident.

Eeshawasyam Astro Search can be your one-stop destination if want a trustworthy astrology support in your life. The owner of Eeshawasyam Astro Search is R. P. Shastri. Placed in 3 km from Delhi Ncr, Eeshawasyam Astro Search is one of the leading companies providing various services in multiple fields, such as Stone & Rudraksh Adviser, Advance meditation, Palmistry, Astrologer, Vastushastra, and Jyotish & Karm Kand.


Eeshawasyam Astro Search offers various Astrology Services including

Future Prediction Services - Palmistry, Astrologer, and Jyotish

Astrology Related Services – Stone Service, Vastu Shastra, and Advance meditation

Priest Service – Yagya Havan And Puja Path, Wedding Worship, Yagya

Other Services As Your Want – Problems Solved with Guarantee

Contact Eeshawasyam Astro Search to avail their services.

5. Astro Vastu World

When you feel you are not on the right track of life and you need a trustworthy help, then Astro Vastu World is always with you to guide you in direction of a right path.

Dr. Vivek Chopra is the owner of Astro Vastu World (located within 3 km from Delhi Ncr). He is an internationally reputed and accredited Astrologer and Vastu Expert, whose aim in life is to give proper solution to people’s problems with his extensive knowledge.


Astro Vastu World offers ranges of services to people, such as Astrology, Vaastu Shastra & Fengshui, Numerology, Crystal Balls, Palmistry & Face Reading, Gemology & Energizers, Medical Astro Vaastu, Agricultural Land Selection Vastu, Crystal Therapists, Face Reading Specialists, and Gemologists.

6. Satyamani

To get the right direction in life, Satyamani (located in 5 km from Delhi Ncr) is always there with you with a range of services including astrology, tarot, life reading, and numerology. They are also a trader of all key healing stones including Jasper, Lapis, Quartz & Tourmaline along with rich Gemstones like Ruby, Sapphire, Coral, aura, Emerald, and so on. Anoop Agarwal is the owner of Satyamani.


Satyamani offers various services to the clients, such as New Item (Moldavite Gemstone, Semi Precious Stone etc), Crystals (African Bloodstone Energy Pendant, Gemstone Energy Pendant etc), Gemstones (Gemstones, Semi Precious Gemstones, Cats Eye 4-5 carat), Fossils (Fish Orthoceras Pendant), Home Decor (Kulp Crystal Tree, Clear Quartz Ball, Citrine Ball For Home Decor), Reiki Products (Tiger Eye Dowser, Satyamani Rose Quartz, Energized Point Pendant For Love, and Satyamani Seven Chakra Energy Pendant)

Jewellery (Satyamani Natural Seven Chakra Healing Bracelet III, Satyamani Natural Seven Chakra Healing Bracelet IV, and Satyamani Natural Fluorite Beads Gemstone Bracelet) and others.

7. Parmatma Sarup

If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, then you can contact the popular Astrology and Vastu Consultancy - Parmatma Sarup (located at 5 km from Delhi Ncr). Parmatma Sarup is the owner of Parmatma Sarup.

Parmatma Sarup is a well-respected name in the field of Astrology and Vastu Consultancy Services. They consider these subjects as pure science and provide a guarantee of harmony, peace, and abundance with their effective and holistic remedies.


Parmatma Sarup offers various services to people so that they can be directed towards the right path. They provide:

Astrological Consultancy Services - Business, Marriage, and Matching Kundali

Commercial Vastu - Vastu For Offices, Vastu For Commercial Complex, and Vastu For Shop

Gems and Stones - Gems and Stones

Residential Vastu - Vastu For Home, Vastu For Bedroom, and Vastu For Kitchen

Jewellery- Marriage Jewellry

Other Services - Astrology Services, Gemstones, and Grah Dosh Nivaran

Contact Parmatma Sarup to lead a happy and peaceful life.

8. Astro Sapna

If you are searching a reliable astrological service, then Astro Sapna (nestled in 3 km from Delhi Ncr) can be the one-stop destination for you. They offer every kind of investment advice services and horoscope matching services. Astro Sapna is also a reliable name in the field of astrological gems, rudraksh, and kavachs. The Business Head of Astro Sapna is Varun.


Astro Sapna is offering the following services to people:

Astrology Service - Basic Life Prediction, Love Marriage Astrology, and Live Astrology

Astrology Reports - Career Astrology, Investment Astrology Report, and Varshphal Astrology Service Report

Free Astrology Service - Homam, Feng Shui Services, and Zodiac Moon Sign

Vastu Service - Remedical Astrology, Vaastu Shastra, Vastu Tips, and Vastu Tips For Home

Other Services - Tarot Card Reading Service

Contact Astro Sapna to know in more detail about their services.

9. Vaastu Consultant India

If you want a peaceful environment in your home and office, then Vaastu Consultant India (nestled in 3 km from Delhi Ncr) is always there to help you in achieving the same. Their aim is to help people in achieving their desired results. Sanjeev Acharya is the Proprietor of Vaastu Consultant India.

Product Range

Vaastu Consultant India offers various services to their customers, including:

Residential Vastu Services – Vastu For Kitchen, Vastu For Puja Room, and Vastu For Study Room

Commercial Vastu Services – Vastu For Apartment, Vastu For Hospital, and Vastu For Banks

Daily Life Vastu Services – Vastu For Career, Vastu For Health, and Vastu For Wealth

Other Services – Astrology, Vastu For Home, and Vastu For Factories

Your personal and professional life are directly connected with your home and office, therefore, to maintain a peaceful environment in your personal and professional spaces, contact Vaastu Consultant India today.

10. Dr. Seema Prediction

If the lines of your palms are fascinating you and you want to know their real meaning, then Dr. Seema Prediction (located at 3 km from Delhi Ncr) is the perfect destination for you.

Seema Patney is the owner of Dr. Seema Prediction, who has learned palmistry to know the mystery behind the palm lines.


Dr. Seema Prediction provides the following services to people:

Holistic Services - Tarot Cards Astrology, Palmistry Services, and Magnified Healing

Beauty Services - Hair Colouring, Deep Conditioning, Rebonding, Perming, and Skin Facials

Contact Dr. Seema Prediction to know the unanswered questions of your life.

11. Astro Rachita

Acharya Mrs Rachita Gupta is the proprietor of Astro Rachita (nestled in 3 km from Delhi Ncr). She is the winner of Tarot Diva Award and a qualified Shastracharya and Jyotish Rishi from All India Federation of Astrological Societies. It is a one-stop destination for your life difficulties.


Astro Rachita offers following services to people including Vedic Astrology & Life Coaching,

Tarot Reading and Healing, Vastu Analysis, Numerology, Complete Horoscope Analysis Services, Horary Astrology/Prashna Kundli, Birth Time Rectification Astrology Services, Sectional/Partial Horoscope Analysis Services, Horoscope Matching, Tarot Reading, and Numerologist.

To get a quality astrology service, contact Astro Rrachita today.

12. Aarti Gupta Astrologer Vastu Consultant

Aarti Gupta Astrologer Vastu Consultant (Located at 3 km from Delhi Ncr) offers the best range of palmistry services, vedic astrology services, tarot card reading services, kp astrology services, and vastu shastra services. They also provide astrologer gems with timely and effective delivery.


Aarti Gupta Astrologer Vastu Consultant offers a range of services to their clients including

Vedic Astrology Services, Palmistry Services, KP Astrology Services, Tarot Card Reading Services, Vastu Shastra Services, Astrologer Gems, Astrologer Religious Services, Astrologers Services, Computerized Horoscope Services, Horoscope Consultants, Matrimonial Astrologers, Numerology Services, Palmists Services, Vastu Shastra Consultants, Vastu Shastra Training, Hawan Puja Astrology Services, Chakra Kundalini Services, and Business Astrology Consultancy Services.

Aarti Gupta Astrologer Vastu Consultant is a right place to solve your problems.

 13. Divyae Jyotish Vastu Sansthan Regd .

Whenever problems create barriers in your way, then you need a proper and reliable support to cross those barriers. Divyae Jyotish Vastu Sansthan Regd . is a reputed name in the field of astrology. They are the consultants of astrology service, numerology service, and tantra mantra service. Divya is the owner of Divyae Jyotish Vastu Sansthan Regd .


Divyae Jyotish Vastu Sansthan Regd . offers following services to individuals, such as Astrology Service, Tantra Mantra Service, Numerology Service, Face Reading Service, Palm Reading Service, Tarot Card Services, Palm Reading Services, Face Reading Services, Numerology Services, Thumb Reading Services, Tarot Card Consultant Services, Face Reading Consultant Services, Vastu Sastra Services, and Thumb Reading Consultant Service.

Contact Divyae Jyotish Vastu Sansthan Regd . today to get the aforementioned quality services.

14. Nyassa Astro Corp

Nyassa Astro Corp(nestled in 12 km from Delhi Ncr) is a popular service provider of career consultancy, personal astrology services, and horoscopes services in New Delhi, Delhi. Gunjeet is the owner of Nyassa Astro Corp.


Nyassa Astro Corp is offering various services to people, such as Personal Astrology Services, Career Consultancy, Horoscopes Services, Corporate Astrology Services, Astrology Services, Numerology Services, and Palmistry Services.

Whenever you face difficulties and feel distracted, then consult Nyassa Astro Corp to get the right advice and correct direction in life.

15. Astro Kapoor

Astro Kapoor is a prominent name in the field of astrology offering a vast range of Religious Gemstones, Career Astrology Services, Religious Rudraksh, Year Report Services, and Child Astrology Services. It is nestled in 3 km from Delhi Ncr. Prashant Kapoor is the owner of this reputed astrology service.


Astro Kapoor is providing following services to people including:

Religious Gemstones (Burmese Ruby Gemstone, New Burmese Ruby Gemstone, and Natural African Ruby Gemstone), Religious Rudraksh (1 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha, 2 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha, and 3 Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha), Crystal Sphatik Shivling Idols ( Decorative Sphatik Crystal Shivling with Yoni Base, Designer Sphatik Crystal Shivling with Yoni Base, and Colorless Sphatik Crystal Shivling with Yoni Base), Love and Relationship Services (Vedic Matchmaking Services and Marriage Muhurat Services), Vedic Astrology Services (Handmade Horoscope Services, Family Astrology Services, and Birth Time Rectification Services), Medical Astrology Services (Medical Astrology Consultation Services and Couples Infertility Solution).

Astro Kapoor also provides services on Career Astrology Services, Child Astrology Services, and Year Report Services. Contact Astro Kapoor to get back your happiness and peace of mind.

16. The Fortune

The Fortune (nestled in 12 km from Delhi Ncr) started their journey in the field of astrology in the year 2008. They provide services on vedic astrology and astrology services. Satiesh Saeni is the owner of this astrology service.


The Fortune offers the following services to their clients:

Astrology Services - Vaastu Consultancy Services and Pyramid Vaastu Consultancy Services

Vedic Astrology Service - Astrology Consultancy Services, Vedic Matchmaker, and Numerology Services

A proper astrology service can provide you a proper guidance so that you can gain strength to overcome all the difficulties in life and achieve your goal.

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