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Welcome To Sopanam Nature Living & Yoga Centre

“Sopanam Nature Living and Yoga Centre” had its humble beginnings in Kuwait in 2006 under the guidance of Mrs. Sreedevi & Mr. Jinan. Currently, it proudly stands as one of the Premier Bring-around Yoga institute in the country. They endow positive mental & physical health condition to people from all walks of life through Natural healing and Yogic exercises. The training is imparted under Mrs. Sreedevi's personal guidance and supervision in Kuwait as well as through online consultation anywhere and everywhere. For those who do not know this couple, they are "Natural Living" practitioners since 2000 (detailed Life story available below). The saying "Experience is the most convincing teacher" has proved true in their case. They are encouraged and supported in the cause to spread natural living by their personal life experience. Art of Living Foundation, a Global NGO promoting stress elimination programs, holds all the credit for paving their way to this wonderful living of responsibility and commitment. Both of them have dedicated their life to the promotion of their passion, YOGA. Mrs. Sreedevi is a full time “Nature Cure & Yoga Practitioner” and Mr. Jinan is an Art of Living and Yoga Teacher since 2005 conducting stress elimination programs under the aegis of Art of living foundation.Their Healthy living classes called "Prakriti Jeevanam" is acclaimed as one of the best classes for "RIGHT LIVING" for all walks of life. They inspire people to live according to the laws of nature making them aware of the repercussions on violations of natural rules. It is one of the oldest, largest, life giving right-living yoga institutes in the country today. In 2009, by introducing Nature Cure, they began the process of yet another incarnation of the right way of living. In 2011, after many years of “Yoga practice and natural way of living”, sessions were initiated in “Full fledged On-line cure” which was followed by classes in “Natural Dieting”. .


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